Air raid shelter museum

The air raid shelter museum was a former beer cellar before it was included into the air raid shelter system of the city in 1940. The museum exhibits objects from the war years and evokes the 14 bomb raids in 1944/45 which destroyed 75% of Plauen. These 50 items which were donated by citizens of Plauen who were experiencing the bomb raids being frightened in the shelter "Meyerhof" leave a feeling of shock and sad reflection.

Guided tours are possible by appointment.

Fee structure

adults3,00 €
children ages 6 up to 16 years2,00 €
treasure hunt1,00 €
room rent per hour10,00 €
children under the age of 6no entry

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Air raid shelter museum
0049 37 41 / 52 94 26
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Schlosshang Syrastraße
08523 Plauen

Opening times
after arrangement by phone
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