The Peaceful Revolution of 1989

Did you know that the first mass demonstration in former GDR territory which lead to capitulation of the government officals took place in Plauen on October 7th 1989?
That happened only two days before the incidents on October 9th which forced the SED regime on the defensive in Leipzig. Previous demonstrations were violently dispersed by government officials and extreme actions were taken against members of the opposition.
The protesters in Plauen achieved a significant breakthrough: they forced the withdrawal of the security forces and the assurance of dialogue with the local ruling powers.

October 7th 1989: citizens of Plauen form a spontaneous protest march

October 7th 1989: citizens of Plauen form a spontaneous protest march

The peaceful revolution of 1989 led to the fall of the Berlin Wall and thereby built the foundation for Germany's reunification on October 3rd 1990 which now is a national holiday "The day of the German reunification".

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