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Reliability and operational dexterity
Saxonian employees stand out through their skills and flexibility as well as their reliability and punctuality. 90% of all those in gainful employment hold a degree of higher professional education. This is not only a top ranking percentage within Germany, but this level of education is higher than in most OECD countries. 96% of all Saxonian people have either obtained general qualifications for university entrance (A-Levels), hold a masters and/or a bachelors degree or a certificate for a completed vocational training, whereas the OECD average is 72%. The great education is paired with a high degree of operational readiness. Each year, Saxonian workers voluntarily apply their skills with an extra 46 hours more at work than the german national average. Innovative companies from all over the world value those strengths. Success-oriented and pragmatical agreements regarding flexible, business related models of negotiated wages as well as working time models have been well established in this region.

Saxony has the brightest minds
Saxony has most effective education system of all German states at its disposal. This conclusion was made 2010 by the education monitor, a comparative study by the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln (Institute of German Economy Cologne = IW) on behalf of the Initiative Neue Soziale Marktwirtschaft (New Social Market Economy Initiative =INSM). Particularly in the so-called MINT subjects (Mathematics, IT and natural sciences and technology) the future qualified employees deliver top performance in Saxony.

German Know-How
Saxony has an abundance of young, practice-oriented and highly educated personnel. the right address for companies on the search for. Due to its long engineering history and tradition the Saxon State is still the number one campus in Germany for future generations of engineers. Approximately a quarter of all German graduates holding a degree in engineering study here. That is the leading share throughout Germany. This pool of skilled graduates also supplies all other German states with innovative strength.

Practice-oriented courses of study
Universities and colleges in Saxony place a strong emphasis on experience as opposed to pure theory in tight cooperation with regional companies. The Staatliche Berufsakademie Plauen (University of Cooperative Education) is noteworthy in our region. Here you can find detailed information:

Tertiary Education

The Region's Competitive Advantages
Choose from a reserve of highly skilled workforce, in which many whom are currently employed seek new job opportunities that would require less extensive commuting. Specialized educational operators and the regional employment agency will work with you to set up a strong and performance-oriented workforce knowing what is important to you and what your requirements are. This procedure has been successfully tested: outstanding service providers guarantee high quality regarding the recruitment and training of your skilled personnel. Employees meet the high demands of quality in all domains throughout Saxony. We offer you to take advantage of the most creative and innovative minds in Plauen.