• Embroidery Machine Museum

    Obstgartenweg 1
    DEU-08529 Plauen

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  • The Schaustickerei is settled into in a historic building from 1902 which is preserved in its main features. Here Plauen lace is produced on traditional machines. Specialists demonstrate the technology.

    The white fabric manufacturing and embroidery has been a strong tradition in the Vogtland region with Plauen as its center for the past 200 years. The mechanization of the hand stitched embroidery after 1858 led to the automated lace production. The demand for embroidery machines resulted in the growth of the textile machinery industry in Plauen. The automatic embroidery machines manufactured at the Vogtländischen Maschinenfabrik AG Plauen were masterpieces of engineering.

    The filigree preciousness full of charme and phantasy grew in worldwide demand and played an important role in the lingerie and fashion industry. The booming embroidery and lace industry allowed Plauen to become a properous industrial city.