Lace Museum

  • Unterer Graben 1
    DEU-08523 Plauen

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  • Since its opening in 1984 the only lace museum in Germany exhibits products of a unique textile industry and illustrates the historic change in production and design. The broad product range of the Plauen Lace and embroidery industry delighted its admirers at all times and ensured that the good name of Plauen Lace was made known throughout the world. Artisan expertise and creative design guarantee the success of this highly skilled tradition.

    The first exhibition space contains particularly notable objects like embroidered Plauen Lace in scarfs and edges for handkerchiefs made on manually operated machines, valuable pattern books from the second last turn of the century, handmade white embroidery and lace effects, Venise Lace in needle technique as well as bobbin lace. Collars and motifs made from delicate chemical lace, tulle lace and tulle with chemical lace and applications (until around 1930) add variety to the collection. The second exhibition space presents the development of the lace doily. There are also technical details of lace and embroidery devices, an eighty year old embroidery machine with pantograph shuttle (by Kappel) as well as a multi-headed-stitching machine (built in 1932 by Würker) on display.

    The carefully restored hallway with its net ribbed vaults, first mentioned in a document in 1382 is an architectonic highlight being protected as a historic landmark forms a frame for the exhibition.

    We hope you enjoy the tour through the museum!