Delisting from the registry office

Allgemeine Informationen

(General information)

When relocating within the Federal Republic of Germany, you no longer have to delist yourself from your old municipal register. Registering with your new municipality within two weeks is sufficient. This municipal office will advise your "old" municipality that you have moved.

Exception: When moving abroad, you have to delist yourself from your old municipal register. Even if you move out of a place of residence without moving into a new one, you still have to delist yourself from your previous municipal register.



To delist yourself, you must complete and sign the official registration form ("Deregistration" form). You can submit the registration in person or send it by post. You can also appoint another suitable person to submit it.

Alternatively, you can receive the registration form in hardcopy from the municipal or city council.

Depending on the municipality's services, you may not need to fill out the registration form, and the data may be collected directly if you visit the authorities in person. You then have to confirm the accuracy of the data by signing a print-out from the registry office.

After the delisting has been performed, you will receive a confirmation of deregistration.

Erforderliche Unterlagen

(Necessary documents)

The registry office can request for the following documents to be submitted:

  • ID card or passport, if the registrant is aged 16 or over
  • ID documents of family members delisted jointly in one registration form
    • for children: child passport or birth certificate

The registry office can request the submission of other documents to prove the information provided (for example marriage certificate).

Note: If you send the completed deregistration form to the municipal authority by post, you must enclose a copy of your and all deregistering family members' ID documents, in case the registry office requests these.


(Duration / Deadline)

You must delist yourself within two weeks.






If you do not comply with your duty of deregistration, or do not do so promptly, you will be committing an administrative offence, which may be punished with a monetary fine of up to EUR 500.00.


(Legal basis)


(Release note)

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