Recognition of foreign vocational qualifications

Allgemeine Informationen

(General Information)

A vocational qualification obtained abroad can be recognised in Saxony. This is possible for the following qualifications:

  • Vocational school-leaving certificates (skilled worker)
  • Technical college qualifications in technical, commercial / financial, social education, music education and medical subject areas
  • Secondary school leaving certificates

Competent office

The authority governing the relevant German training qualification is generally also responsible for recognising and assessing vocational qualifications, for example:

  • Sächsisches Staatsministerium für Kultus / Saxon State Ministry of Education
  • Sächsische Bildungsagentur / Saxon Education Agency
  • Landesdirektion Sachsen / Saxon Regional Department
  • Chambers

The centre responsible for your qualifications can be found in the information and service portal oft the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training.



Request the recognition and evaluation of your foreign vocational qualifications from the authority responsible for the associated German qualification. If your request is not sent to the correct authority, it will be forwarded to the competent centre.

Thereafter, a decision will be made regarding recognition of your qualifications, and you will be informed of the outcome.

Tip: The Saxon office for information and counselling regarding recognition (Informations- und Beratungsstelle Anerkennung Sachsen IBAS) will help you with your application; consultations are free and confidential.



You can request for the relevant authority in Saxony to evaluate and recognise your vocational qualifications obtained abroad if you have not lodged a similar request with any other authority in the Federal Republic of Germany.

For qualifications from countries outside the EU, you must be permanently residing in the Free State of Saxony.

The requirements for recognition vary greatly and always depend on the individual case. A prior consultation with the relevant centre is recommended.

Erforderliche Unterlagen

(Necessary documents)

Responsibility of Sächsisches Staatsministerium für Kultus (Saxon State Ministry of Education, SMK)

Use the form of Sächsisches Staatsministerium für Kultus (SMK), complete the application in full, and enclose all necessary documents as officially certified copies.

Other offices’ areas of competence

An ordinary request generally suffices here; include the following documents with your application:

  • Officially certified copy of the original certificate / diploma and the relevant enclosure
  • Translation of the certificate / diploma and relevant enclosure
  • Officially certified copy of certification according to Bundesvertriebenengestz (Federal Refugees Act) or of registration certificate, otherwise another proof of status (ID card, passport)
  • CV in table form, showing school and vocational education and professional employment
  • If applicable, proof of a name change
  • Translation of employment record or other proof of professional employment
  • Declaration that the request for recognition of the vocational qualification has not been lodged with any other authority in the Federal Republic of Germany

More information:

Please note! Translations must be performed by a sworn interpreter or translator publicly appointed in the Federal Republic of Germany:



(Duration / Deadline)

The duration of recognition procedures depends on the individual case, and can take up to eight months.



  • Recognition of foreign school certificates, including school-leaving diplomas and similar proof of preparatory training for university entrance, as well as academic qualifications: EUR 20.00 to EUR 115.00
  • Exeption: Recognition of examinations or competency certificates for entitled parties according to the Federal Refugees Act, insofar as a request has been made within three years of permanent residency in the Federal Republic Germany: free of charge


(Legal basis)

Recognition and evaluation of the vocational qualifications of EU citizens obtained in an EU member state:

Recognition of foreign vocational qualifications as a German assistant occupation or as a certificate from a German technical college in Saxony:

Recognition and evaluation of vocational qualifications from applicants who are entitled parties according to the Federal Refugees Act:



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