Direct application for university studies (other EU, EEA applicants)

Allgemeine Informationen

(General Information)

If you come from an EU member state or European Economic Area (EEA) member state – Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway –, lodge your application directly with the university you wish to attend – this applies for all courses.

Competent Centre

The respective university or vocational academy in Saxony



University applications must be lodged in writing.

  • Request the enrolment application form and all other application documents from the relevant office of the respective university (online forms are usually also available for download online).
  • Complete the form in full and enclose the necessary proof.
  • Lodge the application, together with all other documents, with the relevant office of the university, which will decide whether or not you are admitted. Make sure you lodge your application on time.
  • Once the university has made a decision, you will be advised whether or not your application has been successful.

Notice of acceptance

The notice contains information on the deadlines for accepting the position and enrolling at the university.

Notice of rejection

You’ll find out your rank based on average grade and waiting time, and will be provided with information on the call-back process. This call-back process gives you the chance to be admitted at short notice, despite having your application rejected. This is the case when an admitted applicant cannot / does not accept the position.



  • A level of education equivalent to the German Hochschulreife ("eligibility to study at tertiary level"): through proof or entrance examination
  • Language knowledge
  • Must meet the university-specific requirements

Erforderliche Unterlagen

(Necessary documents)

  • Degrees enabling tertiary studies in the country of origin (e.g. Matura, Baccalaureat, School Leaving Certificate, General Certificate of Education GCE), including the list of individual grades
  • University or other tertiary education certificates obtained (including from colleges, academies) plus the list of individual grades
  • certifications / certificates (including list of grades) for tertiary entrance examinations successfully completed abroad and – insofar as is available – enrolment confirmations
  • proof of knowledge of the German language, insofar as the application is not exclusively for an English-language course
  • description of background with a full tabular overview of previous education
Note: The respective university will advise you if further documents need to be provided.


(Duration / Deadline)

The application must be lodged by the deadline, so promptly contact the International Office of the university you wish to attend and find out about the relevant costs and deadlines.


(Legal basis)


(Release note)

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