Day-care application (children up to three years)

Allgemeine Informationen

(General Information)

Looking for the right day-care centre for your child? Then you should first look for facilities near your place of residence or work. The city councils of larger cities provide free lists of all day-care centres. The overview allows you to make an initial selection, for example, not all facilities accept children under three. Contact the management of the desired facility. Ask about their care and educational services.

Zuständige Stelle / Competent Centre

  • Communal child day-care centres: the facility’s management, the municipal government or the non-governmental youth organisation (generally: the Youth Welfare Office (German: "Jugendamt")
  • Facilities run by independent sponsors and private operators: generally directly with the management



Communal facilities

  • First look for a suitable day-care centre. In larger cities and municipalities, the town hall and often also the Internet will give you a free overview of all the centres.
  • Enquire at the facility itself whether it is suitable for your child.
  • In larger cities, you can put your children’s names down for several centres. The communal sponsor determines which of the listed facilities still have space available. At every facility, children whose older siblings are already admitted will be given preference.
  • Have your child examined by a paediatrician before he / she starts attending the centre, and ask for a medical certificate.
  • The day-care centre’s management requires a certificate of health and immunisations.
  • The sponsor will conclude a child-care contract with you before your child is admitted. This contract will contain legal agreements, and will govern the daily care time.
Note: Allow enough time to organise admission!

Facilities run by independent sponsors and private operators

Enquire about the registration formalities directly with the centre’s sponsor or operator.



  • The child should be at least six months old
  • Good physical and mental health
  • In some municipalities, admission for full-day care requires proof that both parents work, are completing training, or that the family is in particular need of aid.

Erforderliche Unterlagen

(Necessary documents)

  • Medical certificate and proof of immunisations
  • If necessary, proof that both parents work, are completing training, or that aid is otherwise needed


(Duration / Deadline)

  • The application should be lodged no later than six months prior to the desired start date (applies for all centres). Last-minute applications can be lodged if spaces are available. Applications cannot be made prior to the child’s birth.
  • Exception: Centres permitted to accept children after the maternity period (children aged eight weeks)



Parent contribution in Saxony: at least 20, maximum 23 percent, of running costs. The municipal or city council determines the exact amount in a statute.


(Legal basis)


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