Commercial Area Plauen – Reißig

total area: about 28.5 hectares 
marketable area: about 21.6 hectares 
located businesses: secondary contract work, glazier’s workshop, locksmith, plumbing, drywall construction, insulations, sanitary and heating construction, printing plant, paper-working industry, environmental technology, mechanical manufacturing, machine engineering, plastics processing, lace manufacturer, wholesale distribution of handicraft materials, automotive paint finishings, gourmet food production, charitable activities 
location: at the border of Plauen – adjoining the district of Reißig 
development/building law: legally binding development plan, site development completed, available for immediate construction 
property sizes: no free plots 
prices: at competitive levels 
If you are interested please feel free to contact us.

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Commercial Area Plauen – Reißig

Commercial Area Plauen – Reißig

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