Plauen known as the "City of Lace" is the biggest and most significant city of the holiday region Vogtland. Located in the valley of the river Weiße Elster and the picturesque hilly landscape with its lush green tops in the southwest of the Free State of Saxony.

With its 64.500 inhabitants Plauen is a vital city filled with friendly hospitality and the flair of both a historic city as well as a modern city.

Plauen became well-known and famous for the Plauen Lace which was honored with a Grand Prix at the World Fair in Paris in 1900. The Spitzenmuseum and the Schaustickerei offer an attractive leap into the past: formation and development of the classic Plauen Lace also known as ''Dentelles de Saxe'' are part of the exhibitions.

Erich Ohser house

This historic section of town with its cosy charm invites visitors to take a stroll and relax throughout the seasons. Walking along Nobelstraße you will encounter a mustached father and his mischievous son in form of a sculpture which draws attention to the gallery e.o.plauen in the Erich Ohser house. Erich Ohser was a famous caricaturist and book illustrator who lived in Plauen and drew the legendary and amusing stories about father & son.

Erich Ohser house

Erich Ohser house

The Monument for the Peaceful Revolution

Did you know that the first mass demonstration in former GDR territory which lead to capitulation of the government officals took place in Plauen on October 7th 1989? That happened two days before the incidents in Leipzig on October 9th forced the SED regime on the defensive. The peaceful revolution of 1989 led to the fall of the Berlin Wall and thereby built the foundation for Germany's reunification on October 3rd 1990 which now is a national holiday "The day of the German reunification". A number of plaques and The Monument for the Peaceful Revolution erected in October 2010 remind us of the Plauen people's determination and courage.

The Monument for the  Peaceful Revolution

The Monument for the Peaceful Revolution

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