Dragon’s cave Syrau

You can experience a variety of different stalactites, crystal clear lakes, soft clay formations, bizarre flowstone draperies and an impressive laser show can be experienced in Saxony's only show cave (from May to August).

The well-developed trail which measures 350m is located 16m under the surface. Elderly people can walk through the cave without any troubles. Due to the number of chairs unfortunately we don't recommend the tour for wheelchair users.

Due to the average temperature of 10°C we advise wearing a jacket. It can be slippery since it is very soggy therefore we suggest to wear sturdy shoes with firm traction.

Dragon’s cave

Dragon’s cave - © Eigenbetrieb Drachenhöhle Syrau

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Dragon’s cave Syrau
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08548 Rosenbach
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April till
9.30 am - 5 pm
February, March
10 am - 4 pm
December, January by arrangement

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