Vogtland museum

The museum was opened 1923 in architectural precious buildings mainly built between 1787 and 1799 and first owned by wealthy cotton commodity dealers. It unfolded into rich collecting activities and public relations work and therefore became one of the most significant regional museums in Central Germany.

After widespread destruction during the end of WW II it has once again begun to develop great public appeal. Since the beginning of the 90s the building has been under intensive construction and restoration which will be completed in a few years which has limited the number of exhibition rooms in full operation.

Vogtland museum

Fee structure

adults 5,00 € p.P. (Combined ticket 8,00 €) 
reduced 3,50 € p.P. (Combined ticket 5,00 €) 
children up to 16 years free admission 
groups of 10 or more people 4,00 € p.P. (Combined ticket 6,00 €) 

External memorial Jewish cemetery

The Jewish cemetery was created for the members of the Israeli religious community of the Saxon Vogtland in 1898. In 1988 a memorial with exhibition was opened in the ceremony hall.

Jewish cemetery

Outpost of the Hermann Vogel house

Hermann Vogel house

A memorial for Hermann Vogel was inaugurated in the former home of the artist in Krebes after extensive work on the building and its garden. It used to be a memorial established by the museum in 1952 but had to be closed in 1961 due to the intensified border restrictions of the former GDR.

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